Sven Groeneveld: “I am very happy to come to Kazakhstan”

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Source: KTF press-service
Former coach of Monica Seles, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Tommy Haas, Mario Ančić and many other tennis stars - Sven Groeneveld - answered questions from the KTF press service.
Sven, welcome to Kazakhstan! You are for the first time in our country, please, tell us your first impressions of the capital, organization of the tournament. Yesterday, there was a video, where you are delighted with the frost.

- First of all, thank you for hosting this tournament. My friend Dave Miley, who now works at the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation, told me a lot of good things about Kazakhstan, so I was really looking forward to coming to your country. I am very impressed by the facilities. The facilities are perfect. The organization of the tournament is at the highest level - we have everything we need. The central, first and two training courts are of high quality. Also, the facilities for the players are top notch: restaurant, transportation, racquet service and communication. When we arrived at the airport at 4 am, your team was there to welcome us and help with all the paperwork. This was really appreciated by the players, but also by me. We knew it would be cold. So, the first thing I did I bought a jacket at the airport. In fact, I love the cold and winter. In my homeland in the Netherlands, we do a lot of ice skating, therefore, I was amazed when I saw people skating on a frozen river under the bridge. It is a really good feeling for me to be here and experience your culture. Unfortunately, due to the strict regulations and the pandemic, I have not been in the city center yet.

On Instagram page you have a blog and take interesting notes. Is it your hobby?

- Yes, it is my hobby. Social media is my hobby. It is like having a diary. I have been coaching for 31 years and it is so nice to share my daily activities. Thanks to this platform, I can tell a lot of interesting things that happen outside the court. Yesterday, for example, when I was walking outside, I showed the bridge and the bright lights of the area. I know how much people appreciate it.
Let’s talk about your player Taro Daniel. When you started working with him, did you immediately notice Taro’s potential?

- I started working with Taro at the end of 2019. I know him very long. Daniel really wanted to get back into the Top-100 and improve his game. He has such a great work ethic and he is really dedicated to his sport.
You have trained lots of famous athletes. What is your core strength as a tennis coach?

- My core strength is that I care. I look for player’s strength and make it the weapon.
In the past you worked with Roger Federer when he was a junior. At that time, could you assume he would become a world tennis star?

- I knew he was very talented. But I would never imagine that after years he will achieve so much. His commitment to the sport is amazing and all the credit goes to him. If 20 years ago someone told me that Roger would win 20 Grand Slams, and he would be the first in the world for 310 weeks, I would say: “How is this possible?” (smiles).
And at the end of the interview, I would like to ask you three quick questions.
What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
- Nur-Sultan.
Who is the current President of Kazakhstan?
- Ah! I am sorry…I should know this, but I don’t. I do apologize…
And the last one, how many tournaments of Challenger series did Taro Daniel win in singles? 
- Oh, that's a good question! I know that he won two tournaments with me. And I think he won five titles in total. Right?
No! He won seven Challenger tournaments.
- Wow (smiles). Now I know!
Sven, thank you for your time. We wish you and Taro many bright victories!
- Thank you!

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