Team Kazakhstan

The "Team Kazakhstan" Academy is a unique sports school established to develop its own tennis reserve of players under the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation (KTF).

The initiative was launched by the KTF President Bulat Utemuratov. Officially, the Academy opened on June 1, 2008, aiming to train future members of the Davis Cup and Fed Cup national teams.

"Team Kazakhstan" entails all levels of development for an athlete:
  • Participation in international and national scale tournaments;
  • Training process with leading world experts;
  • Education, accommodation, food, medical care and social adaptation.

First admission of the first batch of the most promising juniors aged 12 to 17 was held in early June 2008. The first training session took place on June 6, 2008, and three months later, in September, the "Team Kazakhstan" students and coaches went to attend a special course at the base of the Gorin Tennis Academy, USA.

A year later, in 2009, "Team Kazakhstan" numbered 32 athletes aged 12 to 17 years. The famous Dutch specialist Eric Van Harpen was invited as the head coach. His task was to build the training process, train the coaching staff and structure the work of the Academy. In the same year, one of the world's leading experts, Michislav Boguslavsky (Poland), was invited as the head coach for general and special physical training.
In 2011, "Team Kazakhstan" collaborated with the famous Spanish "Tennis Val" Academy, where Marat Safin and Dinara Safina, Igor Andreyev and David Ferrer were brought up.

In the first 8 years of the Academy's existence, the Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan has been collaborating with many of the world's leading academies, where our leading tennis players undergo training camps. The following tennis academies are among those, the Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan partnered with:
  • Rafa Nadal Academy, Mallorca, Spain
  • Bruguera Tennis Academy, Barcelona, Spain
  • ProWorld Tennis Academy, Miami, USA
  • Gorin Tennis Academy, California, USA
  • Tennis Val Tennis Academy, Valencia, Spain.
Pupils of the "Team Kazakhstan" academy:
Alexander Bublik
Dmitry Popko
Dostanbek Tashbulatov
Денис Евсеев
Gozal Ainitdinova
Dana Baydaulet
Zhibek Kulambaeva
Elena Rybakina
Grigory Lomakin
Anna Danilina
"Team Kazakhstan” Academy alumni are among the winners of the international tournaments held under the auspices of ATF, ITF and Tennis Europe. It is worth noting specially promising juniors such as Karina Dzhumadzhanova, Maksim Batutenko, Rostislav Galfinger, Sandugash Kenzhibaeva, Maria Sinitsyna, Sofia Sokhetskaya, Zhanel Ospanova, Elizaveta Karlova, Dmitry Bezborodov, Yerasyl Erdilda, Tatiana Nikolenko, Yerasyl Murat, Ilyas Maratuly, Danir Kaldybekov, Aiya Nupbay, Zara Darken, Amir Omarkhanov, Polina Sleptsova and others.

In terms of functional training, Kazakhstan Tennis Federation partners with the Honored Coach of the USSR and Russia in field-and-track all-rounds Valery Karapetov. His students are the Olympic winners, who set the world's records in 8 Olympic Games.

In the spring of 2019, the talent policy of the Academy was revised and now the eligibility to Team Kazakhstan is defined by the age of 13 onward. In 2020, 25 young tennis players are training in the school of sports reserve. In total, in over 12 years of the work of the Academy 120 children graduated.

Junior national team under 16

Player Date of birth City Coach
1. Erdilda Erasyl 28/10/05 г. Кызылорда Юрий Щукин
2. Batyutenko Maxim 11/07/05 г. Темиртау Олег Огай / Дмитрий Моролев
3. Kaldybekov Danir 28/09/06 г. Тараз Руслан Мухамедзянов (Узбекистан)

Player Date of birth City Coach
1. Baidaulet Dana 27/07/05 г. Нур-Султан Игорь Зорин (Украина)
2. Rustemova Dariga 09/08/06 г. Нур-Султан Мухамадамин Ерматов
3. Kenzhibayeva Sandugash 18/03/05 г. Нур-Султан Данияр Дулдаев(Бишкек)

Junior national team under 14

Player Date of birth City Coach
1. Omarkhanov Amir 17/11/07 г. Караганды Петр Нестеров
2. Gorbachev Demid 19/03/07 г. Актобе Павел Цой
3. Sidorov Artem 19/09/07 г. Алматы Вячеслав Соколовский

Player Date of birth City Coach
1. Dyussebay Ingkar 14/02/07 г. Алматы Анатолий Мищенко
2. Darken Zara 09/08/07 г. Актобе Дмитрий Бричек (Украина)
3. Issakova Sofia 08/05/08 г. Алматы Вадим Шустер

Junior national team under 12

Player Date of birth City Coach

Player Date of birth City Coach

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