Without a strong coach, there will be no strong athlete. The Kazakhstan Tennis Federation pays special attention to the selection, preparation and continuous improvement of the skills and working methods of the coaching staff, as well as a methodological assistance to coaching. More than 200 certified coaches work in Kazakhstan today with 44 of them possessing ITF Level 1 and 14 coaches having ITF Level 2. ITF workshops are held annually with the participation of the world-class specialists.
The “Training and Certification of Tennis Coaches” initiative has proven itself to be excellent. The main goal is to assist coaches in acquiring a set of knowledge, skills and abilities in technical & tactical, physical & psychological preparation, planning the training process, taking into account the specifics of running the sessions with athletes of different age, gender and fitness.
Since 2016 a compulsory part-time coaching training program has been introduced at the base of the Kazakh Academy for Sports and Tourism. The National Certification Test is mandatory to pass.
The National Certification Test is comprised of five main parts:
  1. Written Test.
The written test consists of 30 questions on the methods of training sequence, tactics, technique, general questions concerning the rules of the game of tennis, as well as the regulations of the Kazakhstan Tennis Tour.
  1. Fault identification and correction.
The task is to find three faults in each of the following strikes: forehand and backhand ground strokes, serve. 9/9 fault corrections give a maximum of 18 points.
  1. Demonstration of an individual technique
The following strikes are required to be demonstrated:
  • Serve: flat, slice, topspin
  • Smash
  • Forehand / backhand ground strokes: topspin, net approach strike, baseline game, top-spin lob, volley, drop-shot, half-volley.
  1. Individual training session (technique correction)
During the time allotted for the exam, it is required to improve the technique of hitting and achieve progression in the game situation.
  1. Group training session  (tactics-related tasks)
Session duration is 30 minutes. A group consists of 5-8 people.
Tactics-related tasks:
- service / ball reception
- baseline game (direction, depth, spin)
- net approach
- finishing volley
- bypass shot.

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