KazPIN – General issues

Registration of a player / coach in the KazPIN system.
To register a player in the KazPIN system, go to the ktf.kz website, the "KTT" section and select the "KazPIN" item. Then follow the instructions. All scanned copies and questions related to KazPIN should be addressed to admin@ktf.kz or your coach. Important: it is not allowed to use one email address to register several players in the KazPIN system.
To register a coach in the KazPIN system, go to the ktf.kz website, the "Coaches" section and select the "KazPIN Coach" item. Then follow the instructions
Payment of the  KazPIN annual membership fee.
The current amount and bank details for paying the KazPIN annual membership fee can be found in the player's personal account by selecting the "Download Details". Online payment of the KazPIN annual membership fee is also available in the player's personal account, if you have a bank card with the Internet payments option. Payment of the fee is valid for a calendar year (from January 1 to December 31, 2018)
Is it required to pay KazPIN upon registration?
If you register under the Tennis 10&U Program, payment of the KazPIN membership fee is not required. If you register to participate in KTT tournaments, then when registering in the KazPIN system, it is required to pay the annual membership fee.
Player's application for participation in a KTT tournament
Applications for KTT tournaments can only be submitted through the KazPIN system in e-form. A player can apply to participate in a tournament 28 days before the start of the tournament. The application submission deadline for participation in tournaments is 9.5 days before the start of the main tournament on Friday at 13:59 pm Astana time.
What to do if you didn't manage to apply for the tournament on time
For all KTT tournaments organized by KTF (Gold, Masters and RoK Championships), roster additions (late applications) are allowed for all KTT players (with a paid KazPIN) who did not submit their applications  on time.
During which period should a player or his / her representative send the participation results in away international tournaments РК.
As per the Clause 12.16 of the KTT Regulations, KTT players participating in ATP, WTA, ITF, ATF and TE  international competitions  are responsible to send a link with the results from the official website of a tournament to the KTF to calendar@ktf.kz no later than 4 weeks from the date of the end of a competition.

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