The upcoming WTA event will raise interest and give a new impetus to the development of tennis in Kazakhstan», said Yaroslava Shvedoda

27.08.2021    Views: 551
Source: KTF press-service
From September 26 to October 2 this year, the capital of Kazakhstan will host the WTA 250 series «Astana Open» event. The captain of Kazakhstan women's tennis team, Yaroslava Shvedova, noted the importance of this historic event, adding that it would help promote tennis in our country, as reported by the Press-service of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation.

«I am very glad that the WTA series event has finally come to Kazakhstan as the we players have been waiting for this event for a long time. Last year Astana Open ATP 250 was hosted in the capital at a high level and Players and coaches who came to our tournament still approach me, saying they really liked coming to Kazakhstan and were impressed  with the local people and the overall organization of the competition. Now the girls from the Kazakhstan women's tennis team have the opportunity to come home and play on their own courts in front of a home crowd. It's great that this level of competition is being established in the country. Hosting a new women's tournament in Nur-Sultan is undoubtedly a step forward for all of us and it shows the level of interest there is in developing tennis in Kazakhstan,» Shvedova noted.

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