3rd in season, 20th in career

28.02.2021    Views: 636
Source: KTF press-service
Kazakhstan tennis player Alexandr Nedovyesov together with Ukrainian Denis Molchanov won the Forte Challenger 100 in Doubles in Nur-Sultan. In final the tournament's first seeded tandem encountered the second seeded pair of Nathan Pasha and Max Schnur from the USA.

First two games of the decisive battle went quiet with the rivals getting the length of each other's feet and discovering weaknesses. In the third rally Nedovyesov and Molchanov realized the break-point from the second attempt. Americans' only and last loss of serve got to be fateful for them with them losing the first set, 4:6. Suddenly the dejavu happened and the second set got to be the exact copy of the first one, where again Pasha and Schnur took the lead which was then followed by winning rallies in row by Nedovyesov and Molchanov with yet another break at the serve of Nathan and Max. At the end of the second set the Kazakh and Ukrainian pair was steadily scoring at their serves and confidently took over, 6:4. This is how Alexandr Nedovyesov won his 20th title with 17th being in Doubles and 3rd in current season. First two victories (also in February) Nedovyesov and Molchanov conquered in Antalia, Turkey.

Molchanov will not  perform at Forte Challenger 125 hosted next week in Kazakhstan's capital, as on March 5-6 the Ukrainian team will play its first Davis Cup WG I home tie vs Israel. Therefore Nedovyesov will pair up with Serbian Viktor Troicki.
Commenting the result of the final game the Kazakhstani noted that the opponents expected a more sophisticated game from them:
'' I believe that the key to success was the flexibility of our tactics. At some points we were making trites and acting monotonously. Then we changed it, and most probably, our opponents did not expect it. They expected some more challenges, but we played simpler. And it worked out. At the end it was a bit nervous, but we forced them down by volleying. I think three titles per month is not a bad result, even as if for a better-coordinated pair than ours. Winning home and abroad brings completely different feelings. However each and every win is special for me''.


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