Double win by Dana Baidaulet

20.07.2020    Views: 727
Dana Baidaulet, the alumni of the Team Kazakhstan Academy, has become the absolute champion of the M.V. Balva First Category memorial tournament, which took place in Kiev (Ukraine). 

In the Singles Finals, Dana outplayed Olesa Revva 7:5, 7:5. 

Before reaching the Tournament's Finals, Dana outgamed Daria Zhurid in the Tournament's Semifinals 0:6, 6:0, 6:2. In the Quarterfinals the Kazakhstani encountered Sofia Chernamorskaya, to whom she gave up only two games with the final score 6:2, 6:0. In the second round, the Kazakhstani defeated Valeriya Korneyeva 6:1, 6:0. And in the opening match, Dana defeated Maria Popova 6:0, 6:0.

Together with Daria Zhurid Dana Baidaulet won the Tournament's Doubles, where in the Finals Baidaulet and Zhurid outplayed a pair of Olesa Revva and Anna Medvedeva - 6:3.7:6 (2). Congratulations to Dana on her victory and wishing her new great achievements!

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