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Korysheva Eva Вячеславовна

Korysheva Eva Вячеславовна
Rating type: Accumulated (22.02.2021)

Tournaments scored when calculating classification

Tournament NameStart dateCityAge groupTournament categoryplaceQualification points
1 ATF Junior 14&under Aktobe 118.01.2021Aktobe14 and underSeries 14 Under774
2 ATF Junior 14&under Aktobe 1, DBL18.01.2021Aktobe14 and underSeries 14 UnderS24
3 Aktobe ATF Juniors 14&under Grade 225.01.2021Aktobe14 and underSeries 14 Under966
4 Aktobe ATF Juniors 14&under Grade 2, DBL25.01.2021Aktobe14 and underSeries 14 UnderS24
5Aktobe Gold 14&Under08.02.2021Aktobe14 and underSecond3103
6Aktobe Gold 14&Under, DBL08.02.2021Aktobe14 and underSecond312
Current rating of the previous year359

Tournaments not considered when calculating classification

Tournament NameПризнак зачета/незачетаStart dateCityAge groupTournament categoryplaceQualification points
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