Astana celebrated World Tennis Day

09.03.2024    Views: 257
Source: KTF press-service
Two festivals of children's tennis were held in the National Tennis Centre Beeline Arena in honour of World Tennis Day. Children training under the Baby Tennis programme and their coaches attended them.
The children took part in exciting competitions, after which they received memorable gifts.
Kuralay Duisen has been working at the National Tennis Centre (NTC) as a Baby Tennis group coach since 2019. Over the years, she has trained 400 children. In less than 5 years, she has handed over about 250 children to the Red Ball programme. Since 2020, she has started working with children who train under the Red Ball programme. At the moment, about 20 children who started their way in tennis with Kuralay are training in the Green Ball programme at NTC.
Another coach is Aidana Baigozhina. Since 2020, she has been working at the NTC with children who came to Baby Tennis. Over the years, she has given about 200 children to the Red Ball programme. Right now, she trains 20 children who participate in Red Ball. During her work at NTC, she has handed over 55 children to the Orange Ball programme. Now 18 children from those who started their first steps in tennis with Aidana are training under the Green Ball programme and regularly take part in competitions.
The International Tennis Federation established the World Tennis Day in 2013. Since then, the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation annually organises various events aimed at popularising tennis.

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