New captain in the Kazakhstan’s national tennis team of women

13.03.2024    Views: 270
Source: KTF press-service
By decision of the leadership of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation the current captain in the women's national team, Yaroslava Shvedova, has been replaced by Yuriy Shchukin.

Shvedova combined her career as a player and captain of the national team from February 2020 to April 2021. After that and until now, Yaroslava served only as the captain. In the last year Yuriy Shchukin, who has been the captain of the men's national team of Kazakhstan since March 2020, also worked as an assistant coach in the women's national team.  

 Dias Doskarayev, Vice President of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation commented on this personnel decision: «We are not changing anything drastically in the women's national team, but making only minor adjustments. Previously, Yuriy was the coach of the women's national team, and Yaroslava was the captain. Now it’s becoming vice versa: Shchukin will lead the team, and Shvedova will help him. In other words, there has been a personnel rotation, which, I hope, will allow the national team to perform successfully this season!».

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