Kazakhstan Tennis Federation introduces worldwide tennis ranking

16.06.2022    Views: 1151
Source: KTF press-service
The Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan joins the launch of a new ITF ranking system - the World Tennis Number (WTN) to attract more people to the game of tennis. The groundbreaking global tennis ranking system aims to get more people to play tennis more often - regardless of their age, gender, ability or where they live.

«An easy-to-use and free-to-use player rating system was created by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). WTN is a system not only for recreational players, but primarily for players who will now automatically have an international ranking based on their national ranking and can play tournaments abroad, receiving seeding based on WTN. The system provides a singles number and a doubles number and helps you find an opponent with similar abilities to compete against, using industry-leading technology to match players. The goal of the ITF World Tennis Number is to make tennis more accessible,» said Yuriy Polskiy, Vice President of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation.

Kazakhstan joins the ranks of countries that have launched this revolutionary new global ranking system; as of now, the WTN ranking system has already been launched in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Singapore and other countries.

WTN is:

- A new ITF ranking system for measuring tennis skills in real time;
- A way to find a playing opponent with a similar level of tennis anywhere in the world;
- A tool to track your progress and growth in tennis based on actual results.

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